What it feels like to be a girl- SPEAK OUT

believe in women and help em’ out ❤

Well that’s something which is never gonna please me. But wait, you didn’t ask me what’s never gonna please me? Being a girl? Or being a girl who’s being left out and who’s being the second choice i.e the ”BACKUP” friend when it comes to her family and friends in comparison to her brother or a guy friend?

I’d love to talk about it; the Misogynistic concept 


When I was just 16 years old, I unknowingly became a female preacher. I had a debate with my father for something that just bloomed my mind when he reacted to it. You guys wont imagine it somehow made me angry and i felt downhearted 😥

It started like this: ”daughter, I think you should learn how to cook and how to do dishes and pots so that you can help your mom plus kitchen is a place where women are meant to be”

I remember at that spur of the moment, I don’t wanna mess up because I had no one to support me in this matter but I promised to myself that no matter what I’m going to raise my voice against that. This is something I’d love to say that: A women’s place is wherever she wants to be so yeah help em’ out even in the kitchen because that’s where you belong too ❤


So, believe me or not, its in our cultures and traditions that women should not compete with men but is that a true sense of what we should go for? It takes an enormous amount of willful denial-ism not to see that women are free-minded and creative beings just as much as men are. I think one thing that will help is undoing the ties that adhere people falsely, the false sense of moral obligation which is keeping women with abusers and making men reluctant to try to educate, and when I say this I mean to really educate young men not to participate in an obtain rape culture.

But the best part is, its becoming really obvious that women aren’t inferior to men at least in masculine-coded pursuits. I’ve heard people saying that she’s a girl so she is going to be a doctor or a teacher but not a pilot or an engineer… Like why? Who are you to take decisions for her life, its her life and I think we should give that complete freedom to her so that she can choose whatever she wants JUST LIKE HER BROTHER..
When we talk about power relations- that’s something which seems to be different challenge altogether so umm yeahh when people are attached to positions they believe are their birthright, they get huge amounts of repercussion. Its when men starts thinking that women are taking opportunities and privileges away from em’ that’s where they think women are challenging male dominance which isn’t the fact and they get backlash. But we’ve to deal with that right? Women cannot — and should not — internalize patriarchal values and give and give and give until women are nothing.

We need to change that misogynistic mindsets and that’s how when women can surpass them without having wronged them.

In the end I’d like to say instead of deflecting start defending guys 🙂



learn to move on, no matter what regardless of the fact that is there anyone to support you or not.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of synopsis like that when it comes to Family, Friends and my Well-wishers but that’s okay guys let em’ go if they don’t wanna stay in your life anymore. Its irony no? When it comes to this bit when you want your significant other to stay in your life but they factually like being ignored and not being adored! Who cares? I’d say I don’t if they don’t; and that’s how life happens and feelings change…



Do love the ones who caliber your love, your respect and your loyalty because they’re your true well-wishers. It’s quite kooky and awful at the same moment when you don’t wanna leave the one you love the most but he/she don’t want to stay anymore so now it’s your turn to take that important step for your life to detoxify that person out of your life. What ya waiting for? C’monn take that initiative.



You know what, honestly it’s profound to experience the atrocious parts even; it’ll help you to grow strongly even when you don’t feel that way, I promise you’ll feel better subsequently because gradually you’ll understand the good part about it as EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, RIGHT? Sometimes you just have to walk away and pray that you mean enough to someone that they reach out and pull you back into their life.

It’s that we get to know the true colors of the people which is quite real. Stop giving the same person different opportunities to disappoint you. Leaving your beloved ones can a big deal for you but it’ll show that you’re not like the stagnant water which stays at its place and gets the fungus on it but you’re like that flowing water which doesn’t stays at a single place but keeps moving on and on but against the norm. So yeah, let em’ go if they don’t wanna stay in your life anymore, at least you won’t be begging em’ to stay in your life so as to make you feel good about yourself. Gotcha?



Don’t get too attached to the people, emotions and sceneries because all of em’ are temporary and you don’t need to take permanent decisions for em.

A few days back, I was going through a picture on instagram on which I saw an offensive comment for a girl and I felt so bad that how can a comment make us feel so bad about our identities isn’t it? That we start scorning ourselves for like no reason I mean why is that so? Why are we even giving the comments, the messages; the power to break our hearts? It’s scary that a like, a message or a comment can change our moods to a greater extent. It’s melancholic when we check our phones and find nothing which makes us feel way more bizzare and this means that we’re giving the power to other people to control us. I’d say pay attention to the things you’re naturally drawn to. You don’t need any love, comment or a text to make sure you’re being loved okay?




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Hope it helped you out and till then HASTA LA VISTA!